A downloadable game for Windows

One Light is a small 2d game created for GMTK Game Jam 2019 48h. There is only one light in the game and one enemy. There may be bugs in the game , so if you get stuck somewhere, press ESC.

If button RETURN doesn't work then press ESC.

You can hide from the monster in the holes.

menu ESC
moveA, D

Future :

Hello it's my first game jam and I didn't know how to manage time to create my game. I didn't have enough time to implement a lot of mechanics that i have in concept like shadow slide (move), story notes, lighting crystal stunning effect, sounds, more levels and a lot more.

I'll be expanding game in the future. If you're interested then you can follow me on itch.io.


OneLight_Fixed .zip 19 MB


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Which file should I download?

Fixed of course